SyKo NaChO
Amazing presentation. Beautiful flavors. Best sushi I've had in years. I say thank you to the experience. I hope everyone can know about you guys
Oscar Banos
Awesome Flavor, very delicious 😋 Amazing presentation but the 🍣 Sushi is better.
Mike Gray
This place was excellent, very fresh and great presentation. Had the Hell to Heaven roll, Aurora roll and pepper fin. They also threw in a red snapper nigiri which was fantastic.
Gail Lohmann
Everyone loved it! We had one person order vegetarian, one order rolls and one order salmon. Everything was excellent! Will definitely go again.
Lauren Wolosek
We ordered from Mikasa earlier this week and were super impressed so we are ordering again tonight! The Bbq albacore is amazing, Nigiri is generous and fish is super fresh. Loved the Mount Fuji roll and Natsu roll as well. There’s a lot to choose from! Give them a try!
David Avery
Walked in to place a takeout order and they were very busy with phone in orders which is great that people are supporting this new local business. They gave me a free miso soup and a sample piece of sushi which were delicious. Very happy with my order, everything tasted great.
Rachael Danke
This place has something for everyone! I have a seafood allergy but love Wasabi, whereas my husband loves shrimp. I got a veggie roll and they threw in another roll for me to try. It was so good!!!! We will be coming back!